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Developing Therapies for Ataxia and Tremor

Our Mission

The goal of our lab is to understand cerebellar circuit dysfunction in the disease state and to develop therapeutics for cerebellar disorders. In particular, we focus on how cerebellar dysfunction causes two very disabling movement disorder symptoms, namely, ataxia and tremor.  We aim to identify the common brain circuit alterations in ataxia and tremor and to develop targeted therapies to restore the brain circuit dysfunction. We use multiple approaches, including in vivo recording and optogenetics in mouse models, to understand the circuit alterations with single neuron precision. We also work with individuals with ataxia and tremor to perform EEG and fMRI studies. With parallel systems in both humans and mice, our lab can rapidly translate basic scientific knowledge into clinical applications.  We also conduct clinical trials at the highest standard to advance therapeutics in ataxia and tremor, and other movement disorders. Our final goal is to develop personalized strategies to help people with neurological disorders.

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